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The excitement of purchasing a new home can make you forget about the importance of getting a home inspection. An appraisal alone cannot provide a detailed look at and unearth potential issues and deep-rooted problems with the property you want to purchase. Here’s why a home inspection is important.

Have Your Home Inspected Properly

If you’re buying a new building, you may think a home inspection is a waste of time and money. However, an average buyer might not be able to uncover some of the costly troubles the property has, no matter its age. A good home inspector can help you understand exactly what you’re about to acquire.
It’s not easy to see problems with plumbing, wiring, insulation, roofing, or structural integrity during a showing. You may even do your own preliminary home inspection on the building’s exterior and interior and be lucky to find out some issues. However, it’s better to leave the technical part to the experts.
Buying a property is a huge investment that you better know exactly what you’re putting your money into. Engaging a certified home inspector to carry out an inspection of the home is like taking an insurance policy against every potential operating cost.

Save Money

Although conducting a home inspection can cost you a few hundred dollars, the end result is always cost-effective. A good assessment of the property can save you lots of money that you’d spend in the future on repairs. Skipping this process may just prove to be expensive in the years to come.

Helps in Negotiation

A proper inspection can give you the power to negotiate the home’s price downwards. This is often important whenever you find out that there’re some issues with the home that require repairs or maintenance. If the seller is unwilling to address them, then you can take advantage of them.

If an inspection finds some flaws in the property, it can give you more options during negotiations. You can negotiate credit with the seller, buy the home as it is, or have the owner pay for repairs prior to closing. You could also walk away from the deal if the issues look too problematic to resolve.

Helps to Fix Repairs

An inspection does more than helping to negotiate lower prices for homes. If you’ve included a clause that requires the seller to do repairs before money exchanges hands, you have an advantage. In case the seller doesn’t want to repair damages, you can estimate the cost and subtract it from the total value of the home.

Professional Inspections Determine A Home’s Safety

There’s no point in purchasing a beautiful-looking home that could only harm you in the end. The presence of hazardous elements such as radon and asbestos is risky for your health. Since it may be difficult to determine the level of safety on a property on your own, you may either get a dangerous home to live in or lose out on a great opportunity.


Inasmuch as you may get a home that looks wonderful, rushing to purchase it may pose dangers to your health and could result in great losses. Hiring an inspector can save you the trouble and even turn the negotiation process in your favor.